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...helping reconnect South East Asia alumni with their Australian university  


What About Reconnecting with your Alumni?

We love the Latin term term alma mater, which is often referred to in the English language as the university or college of your graduation, or of which you are an alumnus. It literally means nourishing mother (Alma- nourishing/kind, matre - mother). 

Alumni are the most valuable, yet under acknowledged international resource that universities have. From our experiences with similar projects, Australian universities have fewer than 10% of their international alumniโ€™s relevant or current contact details. Over time alumni simply lose contact with their alma matre, or most often the most relevant 'new media' engagement contact details were never included in the original registration data. Reconnecting with international Alumni brings numerous advantages to universities. We know you understand this, however to remind us all:

  • Alumni are a critical source of future funding for universities in Australia
  • Alumni have the potential to be the greatest ambassadors for marketing to future students
  • Alumni are a great resource to supporting events and initiatives, and for volunteering in a variety of contexts.
  • Alumni with a a sense of belonging to their alma matre, can assist universities through their political, industrial and academic connections.
  • Positive connections with an alma matre will grow and develop the reputation of the university internationally.
  • Alumni and their positive contributions to their society are the single most productive form of reputational promotion for universities.
  • Great universities produce knowledge, and advance humankind through the people they nourish, and equip to do soโ€ฆ their alumni. 

How can Saksara Help?

Saksara can assist universities by using our local staff, local networks and expertise within Indonesia to source up-to-date contact details for alumni. Through reaching out to alumni through a variety of social and professional media platforms, local private and public sector contact information sources, and other online sources, Saksara can dramatically improve the connections with your alumni. Within the context of Indonesia, the relative cost of supporting these initiatives are a fraction of the cost of otherwise funding this in Australia or elsewhere. Our processes are time and labour intensive, yet very effective. 

We have developed a proven process of managing this task, and would be happy to share some details of our success. Our processes include:

  • Staff training and ongoing supervision of Saksara Alumni Reconnection Assistants.
  • Supervised office infrastructure and accommodation in both Jakarta and Bandung for a small team of Saksara Alumni Reconnection Assistants.
  • Managing scripts and all communications content in cooperation with university partners.
  • Complete management of privacy and data security issues in cooperation with university partners.

Our outcomes include:

  • Discovery of updated contact information for lost alumni (social media connections, mobile phone number, email, contact addresses)
  • Discovery of prominent and distinguished alumni
  • Discovery of influential  government and public service alumni

How much does it cost?

There are many variables with the quantity and history of Australian university alumni throughout South East Asia, so the time we invest will vary between clients. As a rough guide, Saksara can undertake a comprehensive project for around AUD$5000. This would typically include around up to 800 staff hours of discovery, over a 3-4 month period, and is inclusive of staffing, training, office costs and management. The production of project report, and the final data completed and returned is an additional AUD$500. 

We are happy to provide you with more details and discuss your individual needs in more detail. Please email Shaun Wellbourne-Wood directly at

Do you want to discuss more?

Saksara has the resources for 4 discovery sessions throughout the year. If you would like to reserve one of the remaining periods for 2017, please contact us to discuss. 

(Reserved) Session 1 - January -March 2017
(Reserved) Session 2 - April -June 2017
(Available) Session 3 - July - September 2017
(Available) Session 4 - October - December 2017

2017 Available project Dates