Blood Lions in Bandung

Blood Lions is a documentary feature film about the journey of acclaimed environmental journalist and safari operator, Ian Michler, and an American hunter, Rick Swazey, bringing the realities about the multi-million dollar predator breeding and canned lion hunting industries in South Africa to light (Blood Lions, 2017).

The film explores the uncovering and exposure of private lion breeding farms which were disguised and justified as either conservation, research, and education projects. In reality, it was clearly demonstrated that these farms were actually breading for trophy hunters, and huge profits. 

Blood Lions is a film made for calling for action and encouraging the audiences to get involved in a global campaign to stop lions being bred for the bullet (Blood Lions, 2017).

About the Event

The Blood Lions screening event was organised by Saksara Education, Bandung, in cooperation with Sekolah Bina Persada Secondary School in Bandung. 

Attended by 27 secondary school students and their homeroom teachers, this event was held at the library of Sekolah Bina Persada in Bandung on Friday, 12 May 2017.


The purpose of the event was to help students to understand their local conservation and animal welfare issues in Indonesia through the context of the African experience with lion breeding. We discussed a range of local conservation issues that are more contextualized to their lives and the decisions they make as consumers daily. These include orang utan habitat loss through illegal logging, shark finning, Sumatran tiger poaching, Javan Rhino poaching, and other local primate and monkey conservation issues. 

Saksara organises a range of volunteering experiences abroad, and we understand the need to be highly critical. diligent and aware of the social, cultural and environment defensibility of the programs we endorse and support. 

Saksara would like to gratefully acknowledge the wonderful support of some wonderful people who have allowed us to share their important work with students here in Indonesia. 
Bruce Young (Director / Script - Blood Lions)
Pippa Hankinson (Regulus Vision)
And all the team at #YouthForLions

If you would like to organise a screening of Blood Lions at your school, please contact Saksara

Volunteering with the Lion King

Something is seriously wrong, and it’s important to talk openly about it. Scientists and lion specialists have been trying to warn people for many years now. The first thing to know is that a tamed lion, accustomed to human contact, will never be able to go back to the wild, own a territory andbreed next generations. Some other big cats, like cheetahs can, however lions cannot.

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