Let's use video to reinvent education | TED Talk

Saksara loves great ideas, and we love to learn and share our ideas. Saksara staff sit together regularly to watch TED videos online. TED is an online not for profit initiative that is all about sharing global issues and great ideas in the form of short powerful videos. TED videos have more than a billion views to date, and this number is doubling every couple of years. If you aren't already a TED devotee, we encourage you to spend 10-20 mins a week learning about something amazing, from someone amazing. 

TED | Ideas Worth Spreading 

This is one of the video's that have inspired us to do more. The reason we loved this idea and initiative so much, is that it has the potential to positively impact the lives of millions of Indonesian students by giving them access to amazing teaching and learning resources. Education is what Saksara is all about, and the idea that we could participate in somehow reinventing education for a new generation of highly connected young Indonesian students is interesting and exciting. 

The Khan Academy now has more than 2,500 videos covering everything from basic arithmetic all the way to vector calculus. They have a million students a month using the site,watching on the order of 100,000 - 200,000 videos a day, and its all entirely free forever. 

Saksara participates in the translation of videos to include Bahasa Indonesian subtitles. We believe that there is no alternative path to a more peaceful, sustainable, equal and prosperous future for Indonesian kids than access to quality and inclusive education.

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