And The Best Job in the World for 2017 is ...

Just this week CNN Money International released the results of a study into the top 100 best jobs in America. It took data from a survey of 450,000 workers, as well as data from an employer database of more the 50 million workers. If you’re interested in the gritty details of the methodology used, you can review it here

What we are most interested in however, was the job that was ranked number one, and how relevant we feel this could be to Indonesian students as well. The best job in America was “Mobile App Developer” and it is a study and career pathway that we at Saksara have been talking about for the past couple of years. Our own research into the field also points to this being one of the best Indonesian jobs on the future careers horizon. 

Some interesting data that we have discovered, and we think you should consider if you have any interest in this field and its future applications include: 

  1. Smart phone users in Indonesia will peak at around 65 million this year and is expected to grow to almost 100 million in 2019. More Here 
  2. The Indonesian President (Jokowi Widodo) is set to announce a comprehensive strategy to further support e-commerce in Indonesia through the “Roadmap e-commerce” policy framework. This will ensure a combination of funding, taxation incentives, infrastructure, and logistics support, like national payment gateways. More Here
  3. Indonesia is perhaps the ideal context for rapid expansion in e-commerce and other non-commerce mobile and web app services. Companies like tokopedia have received $100 million in venture capital for expansion in Indonesia and simple motorcycle taxi apps like ‘Gojek’ have boomed with more than 200,000 drivers and more than 5 million users. It is an astonishing boom sector of the Indonesian economy. More Here 

Surprisingly yet, there are few universities offering courses that are specifically related to Mobile App Development, but there is one that comes highly recommended by Saksara. 

The Bachelor of Science (Mobile and Web Application Development) at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. Its a three year degree, and there is currently a AUD$7000 scholarship for Indonesia students available. Just contact Saksara to apply. Like CNN Money, Saksara believes that a study and career pathway in Mobile and Web App Development makes a lot of sense.