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Curtin University - "Indonesia Future Researchers Workshop" (Jakarta)

  • Epiwalk Jalan H.R Rasunan Said Kuningan, Setiabudi, South Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia, 12940 Indonesia (map)

Curtin University is Western Australia’s largest university, made in December 1986. Its name was taken from former Prime Minister of Australia , John Curtin. For now Curtin has around 40,000 students attend a total of 16 Curtin campuses in Sydney, Singapore, and East Malaysia. As a globally recognised university, many Indonesian students undertake their study in Curtin. During its establishment, there were thousands Indonesian alumnus had been graduated from Curtin, many of them are now in strategic job positions.   

Curtin as a global university, can’t stop from collaborating with other universities around the world to solve the global socio-environmental issues ; climate change , poverty, governance and demographic issues. Realising the responsibility, Curtin tried a different approach to discuss the problems above with participants in Indonesia in a form of Workshop called “Indonesia Future Researchers Workshop”

The Workshop was held in 3 cities : Jakarta, Bandung, & Yogyakarta with some of Australia’s leading thinkers and researchers as the speakers. They were :

Professor Peter Newman 

Professor Peter Newman is the Director of the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute and is the lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2014 report on transport. He is one of the world’s leading commentators on transportation, urban planning and sustainability.

Professor John Phillimore

Professor John Phillimore is the Executive Director of the John Curtin Institute of Public Policy in Australia. He was formerly the Chief of Staff and senior advisor to several government minsters and a leading researcher on public policy issues.

Dr Francky Busetti

Dr Francky Busetti is a Senior Research Fellow at the Curtin Water Quality Research Centre. For the past decade he has been actively involved in a number of high profile research projects concerning water quality and treatment.

Professor Kate Wright

Professor Kate Wright  is the Associate Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research Training) at Curtin University. She is responsible for Higher Degree by Research programs and students. 

The workshop in Jakarta was held on Monday, 9 of June, 2014 at Avara Function Hall, 2nd Floor, Epicentrum Walk Building, Kawasan Epicentrum, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan. There were many participants in the event. They came from various background, such as from LIPI , national government institutions, top universities and other research agencies. 

All of them came and discussed about the updated issues on climate change, water research, transportation, urban planning, and public policy. The discussion was very alive and every participant had a curiosity on the topics, especially those that were very related to Indonesia or Jakarta issues, such as urban planning, climate change and sustainability topics. 

Many of the participants were also PhD candidates who plan to take their study overseas, they were very enthusiast following last session presentation from Prof Kate Wright. On the session, Curtin provided comprehensive information and tips about study in Curtin, and also shared some information about eligible scholarships for international students study in Curtin. During the coffee break there were also many PhD candidates who had some discussion with experts from Curtin University and tried to approach them personally to get some insights for their theses, dissertation, and research proposals. At the end of the workshop, all of researchers and scholars from both countries who participated in the event were well-connected and seemed to have the same willingness to contribute in making a better global environment through producing strong knowledge and science.