Saksara Presentations

We at Saksara often present information and data to schools, colleges, and universities. We would like these presentations available to you to download. If there is anything missing that you would like to download, please let us know, and we will upload it for you. Contact us at

A comparison of International High School Education Systems.001.jpeg

A Comparison of High School Education Systems: Preparation for Overseas Universities

This seminar will be valuable for parents and students who are making decisions about high school options and the curricula systems they offer. The seminar will provide a comparison overview and an assessment of the extent to which each system prepares students for university studies abroad. This will include an overview of:

  • Cambridge System (IGCSE and International AS & A levels)

  • International Baccalaureate System (IB Diploma)

  • Advanced Placement System (USA & Canada College Board)

  • National Curriculum (UN - Ujian National)

Understanding Science and Engineering Degree Majors.001.jpeg

Understanding Science and Engineering Degree Majors: How to Decide 

This seminar will guide students and parents through a thorough explanation of the most interesting, important and future ready majors within science and engineering degrees. We will explore current science and engineering projects under development as an indication of the types of graduates the future workplace will demand. 

Saksara BDG2018 #1 - TOP 10.001.jpeg

Top 10 Future Careers for Indonesia

In this presentation at Saksara Bandung, we present an overview of the exponential developments in technology and society over the past decades as a way of better understanding the future. Based on broad research, we outline a case for the future careers that we believe will be increasingly in demand in Indonesia. 


Top 10 Amazing New Science & Technologies

In this presentation at Bandung Independent School (BIS), we argue the case for how amazing developments in science and technology will shape future careers. Augmented Reality, Conservation Psychology, Genetic Programming, Autonomous Transportation and many other revolutionary advances are discussed. 

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